Mandatory Disclosure

Sanctioned Programme : B. Ed (2Yrs.) Annual Intake : 50
Fee Charged from Students

For the 1st Year an amount of Rs. 27,100/- is charged from the Fresher Candidates and Rs. 30,700/- is charged from deputed candidates. For the Second Year an amount of Rs. 21,100/- is charged from the Fresher Candidates and Rs. 24,700/- from Deputed Candidates.

Available Infrastructural Facilities

As per NCTE norms the college has :

  1. Required number of classrooms, conference room, college hall / auditorium, students common room etc.

  2. Different laboratories like psychology lab, geography lab, life science / physical science lab, language lab and E. T. lab. There are laboratory equipments models, TLM, multi-various specimens and materials for each laboratory.

  3. Micro-teaching classroom with simulated lesson devices (LCD projectors, Video camera, OHP etc.).

  4. A fully automated and functional library and reading room.

  5. A number of computers that can be used by both students and teachers.

  6. Students have free internet access facilities as well as printing scanning and Xerox facilities.

  7. A virtual classroom has been installed, however it is not yet in use.

  8. A number of musical instruments like Harmonium, Electronic Tabla, Tanpura, scale change Harmonium etc.

  9. Purified drinking water and toilet facilities for students and staff. There is separate toilet facility for the male staff.

  10. A sanitary napkin vending machine has been installed for students.

  11. There is also a generator and inverter for electrical emergencies.

Books and Journals in the Library

Total No. of Books : 14,455

No. of journals : 13 (5 NCTE Published Journals and 8 Free Journals)

No. of Books purchased during 07.12.18 to 02.03.2019 = 150 books

Till July 2018 we were the member of N-LIST Journal services but due to some unavoidable circumstances we have failed to reissue the above membership but we have already sent an e-mail regarding our fault to the respective authority and will acquire membership till the end of this month, March, 2019.

Student List

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